The Finale: Savage Sails

The Story begins


The sun began to rise on the eastern horizon. The morning fog still lingered among the waves, blanketing the sea in a eerie mist that would scare the wits out of any land dweller. But these men were not just any ordinary men. The collection of ships, under the command of the infamous Jack Rackam, had navigated the ocean, weathering storms and hardship the whole way, en-route to a special location off the South East Coast of Georgia. Tales of riches galore enticed the men to band under Rackam. Most had quit other vessels at the word of Rackams plans. Some even gave up their own positions as Captains and Quarter Masters in order to join the fleet. The prizes Rackam had promised his men out weighed any possible penalty or retaliation from those deciding not to join….

Though they have been at sea for some time, Rackam couldn’t stop thinking about his chance encounter with a old sea veteran back at Port Royal, the one who started him down this path. Odd as it may have been, this man eased the feelings of the normally tense pirate. His tales of treasure and paradise, ripe for the taking, spurned the desire to make this raid a reality. He still couldn’t understand why this man chose to tell him of this luxurious land, but it didn’t matter now, he was ready to take it….

A yell from the crows nest broke the near silence of the morning. “LAND HO!!!!” The deck instantly became a bustling area filled with chaos. Lines were tended and sails dropped. Rackam gazed off into the distance. He smiled ever so slightly, knowing that his dreams of his own New Providence were about to come true....


After many months of sailing and successful raids, Ragnar Lodbrok and his men were ready to sail home. The treasures they had accumulated throughout their summer raids was more then any of his men had dreamt possible. As the last of the Longships and Knorrs were being loaded, a cloaked man approached the docks, asking for an audience with their leader. As his men began the apprehend him, Ragnar signaled for them to let him pass. There was something about his presence that made Ragnar at ease….

Ragnar sat patiently at the table, his hand resting peacefully against his mead cup. His thoughts couldn’t leave the conversation with the old man. The treasure this past raid had collected were mere change to the treasures the cloaked man raved about as he drank his ale. Plentiful harvests, the grandest of jewels and the sweetest of mead flowed across the lands as if it were water draining from the falls back home into the fjords. This truly was the promised lands….

It took Ragnar mere minutes to decide the next course of action for he and his crew. He gathered them together on the beach, a roaring bonfire illuminating the dark night. The crew listened intently as Ragnar explained the meeting with the cloaked man. He could see the excitement growing in their fire lit eyes. Their pleasure in their recent hauls compared not to the promises of what was to come. “Sleep well my friends, for tomorrow, we set sail for Georgia!!!....”

What flag will you sail for? The story begins as both Jack Rackam (James Pulliam leading The Pirates) and Ragnar Lodbrok (Robert Maxwell leading The Vikings) begin their journeys to conquer South East Georgia and establish their paradises only told of in legend!!

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