MoonShine - The Battle for Copperhead Road

The Story begins


Moonshine has always been a part of our culture down here. Hell, it was a right of passage. Right time a year you could look out across the way and see the lights from the moonshiners still’s light these hills up like lighting bugs….if you knew what you was looking for.

In 1919 old Uncle Sam passed the 18th Amendment, banning the manufacturing, transportation and sale of intoxicating liquors. So, were the beginnings of Prohibition, and the roaring 20’s. Instead of cleaning up the crime though, it back fired. Speakeasies were opened up to fool the cops, Gangsters kept the liquor flowing and the bootleggers kept the gangsters supplied with the liquor. All they had to do is be one step ahead of the Revenue man.

When Elliot Ness ( Joe Marlowe) was assigned to bring down the most notorious Gangster in the country, he took his job as seriously as he could and he certainly didn’t hide from what he was doing. In fact, he made sure an “anonymous tip” was given to the media right before every raid. After Al Capone was taken down, he was the most famous law man in the country. The only problem was, he never got the credit he was due. Even though he built a rock-solid case, the powers that be decided to go another route and so did Elliot. “If I can’t take down the Gangsters peddling the poison, then I’ll take down the man making it”

John Lee Pettimore ( Shannon Bull Johnson ) lived on the out skirts of Ludowici, or “Low Country” depending on who you ask. About once a year John would stroll into the General Store with his 2 boys, and pick up 100lbs of sugar, 100lbs of yeast and some copper line. Nobody ever said a thing but we all knew he was making moonshine.

April 6th and 7th at Low Country Paintball the Battle for Copperhead Rd begins. This will be a game you will not want to miss! Pick a side and get ready for a game you will never forget!

Written and Produced by "Georgia Joe" Hamilton and James "Jr" Waters

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