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 LCP Scenario Games is a Paintball Scenario Game Production Company. We have been producing Paintball Scenario games for the player since 2002. We have produced classics from ‘The Free Finale’ to ‘Harry Pottier’ (seven years running) to off the wall games like ‘Rocky and Bullwinkle’, ‘Austin Powers Goldmember’, ‘Mr and Mrs Smith’, 'Dukes of Hazzard' and ‘Deliverance’ . Our games run from the ordinary scenario run to off the wall paintfest like ‘300’ and ‘Zombies v/s Humans’. LCP Scenario Games produces 8, 12 and 24 hour games.Our favorite thing we like to do with our games are fundraisers. LCP Scenario Games and it’s players have been able to help many children and families over the years with simple auctions and raffles. We have been able to raise funds for the Georgia Sheriffs Boys home and the Shriners Hospital. For this, we thank our players and our sponsors who provide the items for auction. We have many games coming up in the future. Some are here on the site now, some have not been posted yet. Check back with us for new postings. Our home field is Low Country Paintball, be sure to check them out. We look forward to you joining us at a future game with LCP Scenario Games. Our favorite charity we hep is called Santa Cause. Started in 2014 to help bring Christmas to hardship families. Check them out at and on facebook at See ya at a game soon!!! 

Never played Scenario?

 Doesn't matter if you have expeirence or a team. Just come on out to the games and play! You may just find a team to run with and you are sure to have fun whether hard balling or socializing with like minded individuals. Don't wanna play? Then come help us ref all the crazy people! 

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LCP Scenario Games

67 Low Country Ln SW, Ludowici, Georgia 31316, United States