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    Jesters Court

    aka Steve KniermanJesters Court - Steve Knierman       I have been playing paintball for just over 20 yrs. I started out like everyone else, a recball day that grew into something much more. I played tournament ball on a few different teams for a few years, starting with some woods tournaments [...]

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    Joe Hamilton

    aka Big Sexy---Joe has been here with us since the beginning. His game writing skills are unsurpassed.  Georgia Joe Hamilton 42 years old I'm a member of the Doom Troopers I've been playing paintball since 1992 Family and paintball are my life. So paintball family is basically my life My [...]

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    James 'Junior' Waters

     I started playing paintball in 2006 at LCP with a good friend and was instantly hooked. Over the years I developed friendships with several of the field owners and game writers in the southeast, commanding games and helping out with prop dropping and reffing. In doing so I learned that I had just [...]

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    William 'Bubba' Smith

    He has been with LCP since the biginning. He has quite possibly the worlds greatest dad. He writes for the scenario games and for the Airsoft community and is another that is still yet to get me their bios.

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