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    here you will find information about our upcoming games and things we are involved with like the Santa cause Charity. hang out, check it out and see ya at a game soon!!!

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    Survival games III - The Last stand

    The Southeast Survival game Series based on The Hunger GamesFor years the Capital has punished the people of the 12 districts with lies deception and out right brutality. These games were the Capitals sick way of reminding the people what happened the last time the people stood against them. When [...]

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    The Finale - The Return of Krampus

    Its been a hard year. The biggest charity event of the year, The Santa Cause, has been called a failure. To see a years worth of hard work and dedication go out the window has had a drain on the staff of Low Country Paintball. After a frustrating day of on line posts and ridicule, Bubba had enough. [...]

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